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website, learning, etc.

2009-04-13 11:32:35 by KingPhill

So I'm working on some stuff, mostly right now I'm learning Actionscript 3.0 and Flash CS3, but I've made a couple simple things and am working on something a little harder that should be ready soon for your enjoyment. In the meantime, you can check out my so-called "website" which really sucks (and I mean it's bad) at

I also made a preloader for AS3, so you can get that at AS3.fla
It works decently, adds less than 13k to your flash, and since there are no official versions of a newgrounds preloader for AS3, I thought I'd make one (mostly for myself but also anyone interested). Time for me to crash now I just spent 3 hours doing tutorials learning AS3.

New pictures

2009-04-02 22:47:50 by KingPhill

Just created a Comedian aka Watchmen style smiley face to go with my posts, working on a personal pic, dunno what it'll be.

Yay just joined

2009-04-02 21:29:50 by KingPhill

So yeah, I just joined even though I've been visiting this site off and on again for nearly 4 years. Looking at the flash tools available to possibly submit something to get blammed (just kidding, I'll submit only what I think is good, even though it'll probably still get blammed.) So mostly I'm just going to be having fun and reviewing stuff.